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Looking Ahead: The Future of Security

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on May 12, 2017 11:00:10 AM


Pinnacle's annual user conference, Summit, is right around the corner! Summit 2017 promises to be an exciting and informative experience for all involved- bringing together clients from around the country and valued industry partners across the spectrum- into a group environment that promotes best practices, collaboration and future innovation.

One major topic of Summit 2017 is that of security. While we will be showcasing the products and technology that make Pinnacle a leader in data security, we will also be exploring new developments and enhancements that are coming soon- keeping us on the forefront of convenience retail software,

- We will discuss our partnership with Bluefin Payment Systems and the release of our Point-To-Point-Encryption payment processing collaboration, bringing a new level of security to payments and credit card data.

- EMV outside and the continuation of chip-and-pin standards will be addressed, along with additional developments and products that add new ways to protect your stores from fraud and chargebacks.

- There will be on-site demonstrations of the Multi-Site SkimDefend mobile app and the ways it can protect multiple assets in your stores, and keep you PCI compliant.

- Our Affiniti Consumer Mobile App presentation will showcase Mobile Pay and Mobile Receipts, allowing fast and secure payments along with digital reporting. 

- We will look ahead to advancing technology that will help keep all licenses and store assets up-to-date on cloud-based software, meeting compliance standards and making sure your hardware/software is running on the most efficient versions/platforms available.

Additionally, Summit 2017 offers us the opportunity to meet with our clients and industry leaders to find out what new challenges they face with increasingly savvy theft and fraud methods- and how we can collaborate together to meet those challenges head on. Summit has become a standard bearer for the convenience store industry and the technology community. 

To participate in this year's Summit or to learn more, click here!

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