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Partnering Together for Payment Security

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on Jun 9, 2017 8:44:30 AM


This week, Pinnacle and Worldpay, a leading provider of electronic payment solutions, announced they have jointly completed and certified the integration between the Pinnacle Palm POS™ and Worldpay payment processing host; the combined solution is now compliant with EMV®, the global standard for credit payment cards using chip card technology. 

"The completion of this certification effort with Worldpay means that the fully integrated Palm POS solution will give retailers one of the highest levels of protection available against card-present data fraud by accepting chip cards," said Melissa Fox Hadley, Director of Product Management, The Pinnacle Corporation. "We are thrilled to work with Worldpay to offer our POS clients a safer, more secure payment method, while also reducing those retailers' fraud liability exposure."

The certification of Pinnacle's Palm POS with Worldpay helps to greatly reduce the liability faced by petroleum retailers when accepting chip cards for indoor transactions. Now equipped with a high level of protection against card-present chip card fraud, Pinnacle merchant partners can operate without the lingering worry of being left vulnerable to the increased fraud risk resulting from the liability shift surrounding card-present chip card transactions.

The long-standing, collaborative history between Pinnacle and Worldpay laid the foundation for the payment processor to team with Pinnacle in certifying Palm POS for chip card acceptance. Worldpay's customer-centric focus aligns strategically with Pinnacle's desire to address client needs related to chip card certification quickly and thoroughly.

"Pinnacle is dedicated to serving convenience store and petroleum merchants, which are markets that remain a top focus for Worldpay," said Holly Fengler, VP Corporate Business Unit Client Relations, Worldpay US. "Through this collaboration we will continue to grow and continue to deliver exceptional value in the marketplace.

Merchants can leverage the Pinnacle Palm POS with existing hardware and various back office systems to help keep pace with ever-evolving regulatory mandates and enhancements, such as the liability shift surrounding chip card transactions. The solution is flexible enough to deliver a tailored payment experience across various POS environments, yet strong enough to ensure that these environments are better safeguarded against increasing fraud threats while adhering to a complex nature of regulatory compliance.

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