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Pinnacle Out and About: Continuing Partnerships

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on Jun 23, 2017 11:08:31 AM


Pinnacle's commitment to industry involvement, supplier partnerships and client collaboration is what sets us apart from other software providers and makes us the leader in convenience store technologies.

Fresh off the heels of our annual client conference, Summit 2017, Pinnacle President and CEO Bob Johnson traveled Waco, Texas to see the latest store from valued client, Road Ranger. While there, he had a chance to visit with the store manager and district representatives and admire their bright, airy and efficient store concept.

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Additionally last week, Pinnacle team members Melissa Fox Hadley and Mike Kemp presented at theAllied Think Tank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Allied is a longtime partner and it is an honor to be able to collaborate with them and showcase the latest in Pinnacle software and new innovations on the horizon. Plus, we had a lot of fun!









Visit our event calendar for updates on when we will be in your neighborhood. Trade shows and industry events are the perfect opportunity to learn how to get the most from the suite of Pinnacle products and discover the new innovations and evolving technology that makes Pinnacle a leader in convenience store software solutions!

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