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Securing Stores: The Affiniti Sentry Suite

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on Sep 1, 2017 9:20:12 AM

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In today’s environment of heightened data security uncertainty and evolving threats, convenience store retailers need tools dedicated to combat fraud and theft at the corporate and store level. Not only are there things you can do in your stores right now to prevent theft- team training to avoid scams, diligence in pump monitoring, installing address verification on POS and payment terminals, and updating to EMV- but Pinnacle has created an entire suite of security solutions you can use to defend your stores and protect your customers.

The Affiniti Sentry security suite offers convenience store retailers the best line of defense against fraud, theft and data skimming. Built on the Affiniti Mobile Platform and housed on the Pinnacle secure data cloud, Affiniti Sentry is your control center for software and peripheral information, enhanced customer payment authorization protocols and tamper/skimming monitoring. Launched at our Summit 2017, Affiniti Sentry’s Asset Watch, Card Trust and SkimDefend, used together or separately, are the only technologies of their kind designed specifically for the convenience store space and the distinct challenges retailers in this market face.

Asset Watch data is delivered regularly to a cloud-based data reservoir for analysis and dissemination on a secure data connection. Retailers can use this data to determine not only version compatibility, but whether rogue devices have been inserted on the network, outage monitoring, configuration issues, versioning of components in the PII/Card data chain of custody, and software license compliance. Additionally, Asset Watch’s roadmap includes features like ‘heartbeat’ monitoring to provide alerts via mobile app and digital reports- so you know what is happening in real time at a store level to address security and compliance concerns as they happen.

With Card Trust, retailers reduce the risk of having fraudulent transactions even without EMV outside. By using data analytics, you can limit the spending power of ‘unknown’ cards, learn the spending habits of your regular customers, restrict or grant outside pump activity for ‘known’ accounts- all built in to Palm’s  Credit Server Framework, so it works with existing NIMs.

Skimming and theft are real problems and companies need to not only detract thieves but monitor when a potential problem has occured. With registered security labels and the SkimDefend App, stores can provide routine visual evidence and online reporting to catch damaged or compromised labels and halt skimming and fraud immediately.

With pending deadlines and continued development for EMV; anti-skimming, fraud prevention and store-system integrity through the Affiniti Sentry suite allow retailers a pro-active approach to security and gain a competitive advantage over those who are putting their customers at risk. Pinnacle continues to develop new solutions for the convenience industry to battle fraud and stay one-step-ahead of thieves.


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Topics: Mobile, payments, fraud, Data Security