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2016: A  Look Back at Fuel- and to the Future

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on Dec 9, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Collecting accurate business intelligence in any industry provides a decisive competitive advantage. This holds especially true for petroleum marketing. With insight from the NACS State of the Industry summit last April, the prospects for fuel marketers presented a mixed, though relatively optimistic, picture of the near future of the industry. Sales volumes  should remain healthy (more than 97% of vehicles sold in 2015 still use liquid gasoline), but trends in technology (electric and hydrogen powered vehicles), now-widespread services (Uber, Lyft), and an increase in ride-share present some short-to-medium term challenges for fuel marketers. Developing fuel solutions to keep clients in the know with current and future trends, especially on a regional basis, remained one of Pinnacle’s primary goals- and does still as we move into 2017. Here is a look back at some of the major fuel trends and developments from Pinnacle this last year:

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Building the Mobile Convenience Store

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on Oct 7, 2016 9:52:59 AM

The evolution of any leading edge technology is a learning experience for all, but how it evolves and the challenges created for the convenience retail space can truly affect your profit margins and standing with competitors. In few catagories is it more true than in smartphone technology- particularly mobile apps. Below we chart the evolution of the app experience for retailers- and the challenges and opportunities they create.

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Avoiding Product Run-Out in Fuel Inventory Management...

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on Sep 8, 2016 11:56:20 AM

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Is Snack Food Inventory Eating Away at Your Profits?

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on Jul 8, 2016 11:29:52 AM

Pinnacle software solutions work to efficiently and expeditiously provide business intelligence throughout nearly every aspect of the convenience store business. Perhaps in no other category is this more clearly expressed than through snack foods and beverages. With varying demographic demands, the rise of healthy food options, increased ingredient quality standards, and a glut of new products; retailers can be overwhelmed by this challenging inventory. This month, we will show how retailers like you have used Pinnacle software solutions to meet those challenges and gain a competitive edge.

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Fuel Smart: Allowing Customers to Expand Into New Markets

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on Jul 1, 2016 8:50:26 AM

As the fuel market becomes increasingly competitive and volatile, businesses are looking for ways to expand their profits and streamline processes. This can mean moving beyond their initial arena of operations and into fields that bring their own logistical, managerial and administrative challenges and opportunities. This can be particularly true for upstream fuel businesses looking to move 'below the rack' downstream.

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