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Your POS System Needs to Accept Alternative Forms of Payment and Have Split Route Ability

Posted by Pinnacle Corporation on Feb 5, 2016 9:00:00 AM


As technology continues to evolve, so does the way use it and interact with it in our daily lives. More and more often, we’re seeing traditional methods of payment become a thing of the past and alternative forms of payment are taking center stage. If it’s time to upgrade your c-store POS system, make sure that your new POS has split route ability and can accept these new payment options.

What is Split Route Ability?

Also known as split-dialing, having split route ability allows retailers to accept additional methods of payment from their customers. This goes a long way toward improving the customer experience by offering them a wider range of options. 

Today, forms of payment utilizing near-field communications technology are quickly becoming the norm - especially among the younger generations of users who would rather carry a cell phone, as opposed to a wallet filled with debit and credit cards.

What Alternative Forms of Payment Are Most Popular?

Some of the most popular alternative forms of payment today are services like Apple Pay and Google Wallet. These are digital "locker" accounts that are tied to a bank account, credit card, or other form of funds that are then accessed through the user’s smartphone. When a customer brings his or her items to the register, all they have to do is hold their phone near the point-of-sale system to process the transaction.

It’s important that your c-store be able to accept and interact with this type of technology as the number of people who are taking advantage of these alternative forms of payment is growing. These alternative forms of payment are not only more convenient to some of your customers but they also offer increased security against fraud and identity theft.

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